Profhilo is an EXCLUSIVE skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits. This revolutionary NEW treatment to rival dermal fillers takes just 10 minutes, with 5 injection points into your area of concern. It stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin due to the slow release of hyaluronic acid, and it is this stimulation that results in significant improvement of tissue quality.

Improves skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance. Increases firmness and elasticity – for healthier and softer skin.

Why Should I Have This Treatment?

We start losing a significant amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid after we reach 30, and it is at this age that we start to consider preventative treatments.

This is the time when many people would consider their first anti-wrinkle injections as the first lines start to appear. If you are feel your facial tissue quality has dropped significantly, and that you may look older for your age, but are not ready for dermafillers yet, Profhilo may be the best treatment for you.

Profhilo is not a filler – It is a new Hyaluronic Acid gel, one of the latest innovations to treat the skin laxity by skin bio-remodelling. It actually compliments all other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures by significantly improving the tissue quality. It has one of the highest concentration of HA on the market. Awarded the Aesthetics Award for Product Innovation of the Year.

Profhilo diffuses within the tissue after injection and over the period of 4 weeks it stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin. It doesn’t need to be massaged and leaves no nodules. Due to the its high spread ability, only 5 injection points on each side of the face are needed, which means patients find the treatment much more comfortable.



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